Hi Alex, It looks absolutely superb! I've run out of adjectives to describe how much I love the end result. You brought my vision to life and you would crack up how much like my original design you
have brought it back to (well matured version with a lot of refinement of course). You truly keep this moving quickly and did an exceedingly wonderful job on the book. Thank you Alex, Ten Days truly needed an Eleventh to get published, this was the longest mile for such a short journey. Thank you for completing my project so thoughtfully! It's OVER to print...WOW.

Nancy Quynn, Author 10 Days to Heal

Jimmy Epley JD's Tax

We have been extremely satisfied with our e-mail campaign that Alex and Form and Image creates for us. With a very small investment we have 10X the return on average.  Our e-mail campaign runs a close second to Yellow Pages which costs us five times as much. Alex is very creative in his e-mails and is very attentive to our needs. He also takes the extra step and ensures our videos are posted to our website and Youtube as well to be viewed over and over again. Keep up the good work Alex.


Jimmy D. Epley


Friends of the Fort

Alex with Form & Image has been wonderful to work with, and he has been instrumental in creating more awareness of our non-profit organization, Friends of the Fort.  Alex improved our website greatly by adding more information about our organization, promoting membership, and most importantly helped us to promote our events. He has done an excellent job in creating our event flyers and posting monthly events on the website.  We have experienced a noticeable increase in event attendance in the past year, and participation in fundraisers also.  Thanks to Alex, our organization is only getting better!

Ruth Rauma

President Friends of the Fort

Valery Ramsey

Do you have a new business?  A new idea you want to promote?  Something you want the world to know about?  Do you have a vision that you want to project but have no idea how to go about it?  That was the problem I was faced with.  I found the solution when I turned to Alex Serrano at Form & Image.  Everything I could imagine, he put a face to.  Everything I wanted to project, he provided the lens.  He designed my web page, not only as I had envisioned it, but infinitely better.  Alex was brilliant, creative, responsive to my needs, and a delight to work with.  I am proud to recommend him as an outstanding designer and creator.

Valerie Ramsey



Model, Author, Speaker

Gracefully – Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age

Creating What’s Next - Gracefully

Brian Pool - Century Electrical LLC.

Thank You Alex!! We have enjoyed having your help htese last
couple of years and we look forward to your help Booming Century
Electric in 2013!! Century Electric
Brian Pool


Century Electric LLC.

Renata McDonald My Business Consultants, Inc.

To whom it may concern: I have had the pleasure of working with Alex Serrano of Form & Image for several months. I have recommend his services to several of my clients. Alex has a unique way to produce very attractive promotion through his creative design which has brought more business for my clients. I recommend his sevices to anyone who wants to bring more business to their activity. It works and it produces results!

Renata Mc Donald
President My Business Consultants, Inc.

"Thank you Alex for helping me bring this book to life and allowing this dream of healing into print. Alex's level of professionalism, talent and artistry is incredible. His creative gifts are something to be seen and experienced f or yourself and I highly recommend you do! "

~ Nancy Quynn, Author Ten Days to Heal